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Areas of Expertise and Capabilities

Community Relations

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Born, raised, and living in Hawaiʻi, we have a vested interest in our communities, we know our people, and we have established strong ties across the islands — working in, with, and for Hawaiʻi. We maintain relationships with key Hawaiʻi rights and stakeholders including community leaders and cultural practitioners, NHOs, recognized descendants, media and businesses, local and community-based organizations, government and elected officials. Māmaka serves as the bridge between communities, and public and private organizations in transportation, education, hospitality, retail, and healthcare.


What we do

Hotline + Call Answering

Outreach + Canvassing

Rights + Stakeholders Identification + Engagement

Public Information

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Established in 2009, Māmaka has demonstrated experience in providing valuable and strategic services with a record of delivering measurable results on iconic projects, programs and campaigns across various industries. We build credibility, trust, and positive relationships through authentic and strategic communications. We are pleased to serve public and private, local and international organizations.


What we do

Websites + Social Media

Public + Legal Notices

Meetings + Events

Transcribing + Translation


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Rooted in Hawaiian values with indigenous knowledge, and in-depth local expertise, we deliver services that responsibly advance Hawaiʻi: our people, our places, our rich and unique heritage. We specialize in cultural and historic resources management and consultation. As Kānaka ‘Ōiwi, we have the kuleana to protect, preserve, and perpetuate our stories and resources, and elevate community voices on projects that support individual and community independence, equity, and mobility.


What we do

NEPA + Section 106 + Section 4(f)

NAGPRA + HRS 6e + HAR 13-300

Recordation + Documentation

Archival + Ethnographic Research

We continue to work on exciting, iconic projects.


We are pleased to serve public and private, local and international organizations.